Three Dos and Dont's Of Applying For A Partner Visa

22 April 2019
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A new relationship is an amazing time in a person's life, but the decision to take the next step and move in together brings with it an interesting twist when you need to apply to the government to make that happen. As someone who has fallen in love with a non-Australian that you met while holidaying overseas, and as someone who wants to apply for a partner visa so that your love interest can reside with you in the same country, here are three dos and don't you need to consider as you start to complete the necessary paperwork.

Do Be Patient

One of the most important things to understand about a partner visa is that it takes some time to go through the system. Present processing time for this visa class takes between 19 and 24 months. Therefore, the sooner you get the paperwork together and apply for the visa, the sooner this visa enters the processing system. Don't let the time delay put a strain on your relationship if you can help it. Getting upset about the processing time does not make this government department work any faster.

Don't Be Complacent With Paperwork

When it comes to visa paperwork, the applicant who triple-checks their paperwork before sending it to the government is the applicant who is likely to sail through the visa process. If there is a part of the paperwork that you don't understand, then seek advice from an immigration attorney. It is better to pay for the consultation cost rather than lodging an application which is incorrect. Considering how long the process time is, you don't want to face extra delays because your paperwork was incorrect.

Do Let Your Family Know

One part of your life that the government is particularly interested in right now is whether you have a bonafide relationship with your partner, and you need to provide evidence of this. Evidence includes items like photographs of the two of you together, copies of travel itineraries which show you spending time together, and even affidavits from family members who confirm they are aware of your relationship. While an international relationship is different, it is not uncommon, so don't let this difference make you want to hide the relationship from your family. Not only will family members come in handy when it comes time to prove your relationship to the government, but the family is also a wonderful support network during the long processing time.

A partner visa is only a small challenge when it comes to being with someone for the rest of your life. Seek legal assistance if you need it while traversing this interesting relationship path.