3 Ways to Establish the Genuineness of a Relationship During Partner Visa Application

9 December 2020
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With the world becoming a global village, people are starting relationships and marrying across borders. It has led to a rise in partner visa applications by couples seeking to live together in Australia. Although getting a partner visa is a significant milestone in a relationship, the application process can be daunting. One essential requirement that increases the chances of success is establishing the genuineness of your relationship. Unfortunately, many applications get rejected for failure to prove the crucial requirement. This article highlights various ways of proving that you are in a genuine union.

Joint Financial Liabilities 

One thing you must understand is that there is no clear guidance on the types of documents required to satisfy the genuineness of a relationship. However, immigration agents agree that proof of joint financial responsibilities is satisfactory evidence. It is because few people will enter into a financial arrangement with a person they know little about. Therefore, if you can prove that you share financial liabilities with your partner, you increase the chances of a successful partner visa application. For instance, evidence of shared assets, loans, and bank account is enough to satisfy the immigration department regarding the authenticity of your relationship.

Social Evidence  

The way you carry and present yourself in social circles can also be used as evidence of a committed relationship. This is where the immigration department requires input from your friends, family and acquaintances. For instance, if you always present yourselves as a married couple, the immigration department is bound to use that as evidence of a committed relationship. Similarly, photographs of your travels together and invitations to social events serve the same purpose. In fact, providing social evidence could not be any easier today with the proliferation of social media where most people post their photos and relationship status. All you have to do is direct the immigration department staff to your social media account.

Nature of Commitment  

How long have you been in your relationship? What is the degree of your companionship? The crucial questions help determine the genuineness of an applicant's relationship. For example, it is implausible that the immigration department will approve a partner visa application for a couple that has only been together for two months. However, if there is evidence that you have been together for a long time, the chances of approval will increase. Similarly, establishing that both of you have benefited from each other's emotional support in the past also goes a long way in facilitating the approval for your partner visa.

If you want to know more about partner visas, reach out to a local immigration lawyer.